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Dart Marina River Garden

Dart Marina Hotel & Spa underwent a refurbishment to the restaurant in early 2102, which provided the catalyst for Roundfield to improve the outlook from the new restaurant terrace, whilst creating usable green space to the front of the hotel environment from an underused area of tarmac. This became known as the River Garden and has been designed for all year round use and enjoyment by providing a stunning setting that successfully links the Hotel reception and restaurant terrace to the River Dart. Stage two of this project was completed in June 2015, which involved the redesign of the entrance sequence from the road junction to the front doors of the hotel. As well as providing a strong element of planting throughout, this phase included a yorkstone cobbled drop off area and widened stair case with reconfigured disabled access. Roundfield worked with art and design consultancy Ginkgo projects on this scheme from...

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Cheswick Village

We worked with Ginkgo Projects and Cube architects to design a new neighbourhood centre at Cheswick Village, Bristol. The scheme was given the green light by South Gloucestershire Council in 2013. The approved plans, which received significant local support, delivers a new square framed with pleached limes and graced with a large central London Plane that casts shade on a bespoke designed oval timber seating feature. The square will include a new convenience store, together with other retail and commercial outlets, including a café, restaurant and fitness suite. There is flexibility within the square to accommodate market stalls and pop-up events. A new shared space forms the hub of the development which will include a bus stop delivering passengers directly to the heart of the scheme. On and off street parking is located around the perimeter of the development leaving an uncluttered central core. A variety of trees are proposed including field maple...

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Winterton House

McCarthy & Stone appointed Roundfield and Emmett Russell Architects to develop proposals for a high quality independent living retirement complex centred around refurbishing a grade II listed rectory building, and the demolition and redevelopment of the former 1970′s nursing home extension. Roundfield devised the site wide strategy for this historic landscape, and went on to produce the masterplan and landscape proposals for a planning submission in October 2013. Proposals include formal private gardens for residents, a communal garden space with a shelter and seating area, sensory planting, a mini orchard, two ponds and raised bed allotment plots. The ‘active’ zone incorporates the majority of these features, and has been strategically placed along the northern boundary to take full advantage of the sun and to preserve the open character of the terraced lawn to the south, which has been a feature of the landscape since the Winterton House was built in 1873.   Images...

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