Team – Roundfield


Jay Lloyd, BA Hons

Landscape Technician Having always spent a lot of time outdoors, walking, sitting and just being on the land, I often find myself noticing the interplay between natural and man-made environments. Sometimes this seems like a wonderful symbiosis, often it seems clumsy and ill thought out. This is what drew me to work with landscape architects, the question of how we manage and design our landscapes in a harmonic way that respects the billions of years of refinement that came before our intervention. Roundfield value this question too, as well as being acutely conscious of current issues of resilience and environmental remediation. I was able to fit easily into the role of landscape technician, having an academic background in the arts and specifically digital design. My specialisms in Adobe Creative Suite and 3D design have proved useful for visualisations. My experience on the land includes volunteering at the Sir Harold Hillier Arboretum, managing three...

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Simon Brown, BA (Hons) MA.LA LMLI

Landscape Architect A childhood spent in Africa and the depths of Wiltshire’s woodlands, as well as extensive travel, has given Simon a deep foundation and connection to culture and nature. At Bristol University Simon studied Archaeology and Anthropology - shaping and reinforcing an ecological worldview - derived from the study of indigenous tribal cultures. He wrote his dissertation on the Maasai of East Africa. In 2012 Simon completed a postgraduate conversion and Masters in Landscape Architecture from Greenwich University. This program further deepened Simon’s belief that we can restore balance to the Earth’s biosphere and, that landscape architecture is key to this process. Simon spent a year working in Ladakh on Arup Associate’s Druk White Lotus School, followed by a year at Farrer Huxley Associates in London. He has studied permaculture, sits on the Advisory Council of the Landscape Institute and is creating an open Coop called Landstory. His dream is that we may regenerate...

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Jim Hallybone, BA (Hons) Dip.LA CMLI

Director Jim has worked within the field of landscape design and construction for over 20 years. He co-founded Roundfield in 2011. Jim studied Garden Design at the University of Greenwich and after graduating in 2002 worked as a designer builder in London creating bespoke gardens for private clients. Preferring to focus on the public realm he made the decision to study Landscape Architecture in 2005. He went on to work with long established practices, Gillespies, Battle McCarthy and MacGregor Smith to associate level and has delivered successful projects at all scales in multiple sectors both private and public. Jim and Tom met whilst working at Gillespies where they shared a vision for genuinely sustainable landscape design. Prior to forming Roundfield Jim studied Permaculture and organic horticulture at Ragmans Lane Farm in Gloucestershire with renowned teacher Patrick Whitefield. This shared learning naturally helped to form the Roundfield design ethos. Gallery Image Credit: Victoria & Albert...

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Tom Barnsley, BSc (Hons) Dip.LA CMLI

Director Tom spent his childhood exploring the woods and playing in rivers, which undoubtedly shaped his interest in the natural word. After completing his studies at Sheffield University, Tom has has acquired over 15 years’ experience working as a landscape architect, becoming fully chartered in 2005. Tom became an associate at Gillespies, one of the leading landscape practices in the UK, where he delivered a range of high profile and award winning schemes in the healthcare, residential and public realm sectors. Struck by the global challenges we now face, Tom formed Roundfield with James in 2011 to explore their shared ethos of delivering genuinely sustainable landscape design....

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