BCC social eco housing nearing completion

Work is nearing completion on three developments of new build timber frame council homes for Bristol City Council in the Henbury and Brentry area. In keeping with the City’s ambitions as European Green Capital, the housing has all been designed to Passivhaus Standards by Emmett Russell Architects. Working with the limited space available for soft landscape on these urban infill sites, Roundfield have made a strong feature of sustainable urban drainage systems which positively influence the landscape character. Water features have been designed to direct roof and paving run off through permeable paving, conveyance channels and bio-retention areas....

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The Camel Shed Garden, Frome

We are very excited to be working with Frome Town Council to redesign and build a pocket park on the site of the Singer Foundry Workshop. The site is steeped in the history of Frome having been the site of the foundry that created some of the most iconic statuary in the UK. The workshop that stood on the site was known as the camel shed as this is where a famous statue of ‘Gordon of Khartoum’ atop a camel was cast in 1889. The site also features the factory gantry that was used to move the heavy bronze casts, this 9 tonne industrial relic is going to be restored and moved and will act as a feature piece. As an area identified as a problem zone by the council and residents in the surrounding area due to the original awkward design we embarked on an extensive programme of community engagement...

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