closest forest garden to brick lane? – Roundfield

closest forest garden to brick lane?

Work is continuing apace at Spitalfields City Farm community garden in London, with the construction of the decked walkway made from reused scaffold planks. The walkway and seating area will soon be graced with a roundwood shelter complete with rainwater harvesting that overflows into a swale system.

Attention has recently been turned to the forest garden area towards the back of the site. First it has been necessary to break through the layer of concrete that spans the entire site – a legacy left by Transport for London having used this area as an access point to construct the new East London Line. We have been mindful to only break through the concrete where the planting areas are proposed, as this firm base can be put to good use under the paths and seating areas.

Despite the challenge of breathing life back into a ravaged post industrial landscape, soon a 15 tonne delivery of green waste compost from the Eco Park will be mixed into the subsoil to kick start the long process of revitalising this patch of urban farmland. We look forward immensely to handing over the site to the main players in this healing process – the trees, shrubs perennials and ground covers that will protect, bind, aerate and fertilise the soil back to long term health.

To quote our client Richard at the farm: “Of all the days work so far done on this garden, yesterdays had to be one of the most transformative!”

Breaking through existing concrete layer


Western Red Cedar shelter structure taking shape