Forward Space goes ‘lush’! – Roundfield

Forward Space goes ‘lush’!

We are delighted by the positive response to the new garden we designed and planted at our co-working hub, The Old Church School, in Frome. Roundfield were given the task to design a series of small courtyard spaces in and around the co-working complex. We incorporated a selection of textured woodland plants and ferns as an understorey to densely spaced Birch trees to give the garden height and break up the harsh lines of the new industrial style building. Climbers utilise the wall space on the original old building, and occasional splashes of colour emerge amongst the greenery such as Foxgloves and edible flowers like the Daylily. The interesting collection of ferns also includes a tree fern which has been a delight to watch unfurl over the past few weeks. Incorporated in the design is a variety of edible plants which will hopefully find their way into the cafe cuisine. The final touch will involve the installation of simple oak seating blocks to provide a social and sculptural element to the outdoor spaces. The garden has lifted everyone’s spirits and creates an even more desirable place to work (and play!) here at The Old Church School.


Forward Space Garden1


Forward Space Garden 2


Forward Space Garden 3


Forward Space Garden 4


Forward Space 5



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