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Bristol Blue Green Infrastructure

Bristol SuDS Courtyard

Roundfield are working alongside Emmett Russell architects and Jubb engineers for Bristol City Council to deliver a robust and multi-functional landscape setting for 16 new low energy homes on the site of a 1950s church in Henbury, Bristol. This includes a biodiverse, rain garden courtyard featuring seating and informal play, fed by bio retention planters taking rainwater from roofs along with run off from parking areas that is filtered through a specialist planting medium. "We have worked with our client, Bristol City Council’s Housing Delivery Team, to ensure that the new development sits comfortably in its leafy context whilst making best use of the available site and meeting the council’s ambitious sustainability goals." Emmett Russell Architects   Context sketch credit: Emmett Russell Architects...

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Blue Green Landscape

Lawrenny Village

This project began when the team led by Emmett Russell architects won the RIBA Lawrenny Sustainable Housing Competition for a site in an historic village in the Pembrokeshire National Park. Along with the detailed design of the external layout of the scheme, Roundfield were tasked with designing a robust, adaptable and multi functional village square capable of acting as both meeting place and market place. The resulting design integrates blue green design principles to support SuDS requirements and legacy tree planting within the framework of a generous square surfaced with local natural stone. The design has been described as an ‘exemplar of rural development in Wales’ by the Design Commission for Wales. "Our project sets out to challenge the current emphasis on generic ‘one-size fits all’ eco-homes and to offer a new model that responds to local conditions. Our proposal uses local materials, learns from local forms and marries the technology of...

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SuDS landscape

Bristol Charity Hub

The aim of Bristol Charities is to create a rich, engaging, playful and resilient landscape with intrinsic ecological value that is inclusive for users and residents of all ages. A truly intergenerational, multi functional communal landscape. The proposed communal square forms a welcoming space, characterised by diverse rain gardens and mixed tree planting. Functionally it is designed as a fully integrated system. This incorporates a biodiverse mix of species as well as smaller spaces and features that invite use in a number of ways. The sustainable drainage system is entirely integral to the central space. Rainwater activates the landscape by first being collected from rainwater pipes and hard surfaces before being directed into central rain gardens which in turn absorb the rainfall into the soil and slowly release the excess to groundwater. Alleviating urban run off and increasing climate resilience. "It is our responsibility to ensure our designs respond to the complex environmental...

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Bournemouth Blue Green Landscape

Roundfield worked with BCP council and a team including Pentan architects and PHG engineers to develop a multi functional blue green landscape for a large scale housing development. The development that has been approved by the local authority is predominately affordable housing along with  20 units of short-term accommodation to temporarily house families at risk of becoming homeless. On a demanding valley site that is dominated by existing trees, Roundfield have designed a series of walkways and suspended platforms that sit above a dynamic biodiverse landscape, designed to capture and slow rainwater runoff from the housing blocks and hard surfaces.   Visualisation credit: Pentan Architects...

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Blue Green infrastructure

Modular homes, Bristol

Roundfield worked with Tempo Housing in partnership with Bristol City Council alongside AWW architects to produce a scheme for planning that was granted in 2022. The landscape in this instance works particularly hard on such a constrained site, including multi-functional areas of play, rain garden and edible landscape.   The aim is to provide genuinely affordable, high-quality homes that prevent fuel poverty, improve air quality and foster a more bio-diverse and nature-rich environment. "The site comprises of 12 one bed studio apartments. These will be offered as move on accommodation which will give people who currently live in either temporary or emergency accommodation the ability to move into a more permanent home...

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SuDS Raingarden Landscape

Bristol Social Eco Housing

Working with Emmett Russell Architects, Roundfield have completed three schemes under Bristol City Council’s New Build Council Housing Programme which aims to deliver 1000 new council homes over the next 15 years on housing infill sites. With limited space available for soft landscape on these urban infill sites, proposals have made a strong feature of SuDS which positively influence the landscape character. Water features have been designed to direct roof and paving run off through permeable paving, conveyance channels and bio-retention areas. The conveyance channels create a threshold for residents, with access to front doors provided via simple bridge links. The SuDS elements are planted with wetland and mesic vegetation that provides structure, seasonal colour and a valuable habitat for wildlife. The three sites are located in the Henbury and Brentry areas of the city, and all were constructed with a timber frame to Passivhaus standards. The schemes were featured in the...

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Stroud Town Square

We're honoured to be working with Stroud Town Council in renewing this vital public space. The Subscription Rooms is a busy vibrant multi-purpose community arts Centre in the heart of Stroud with first-class facilities hosting year-round arts and entertainment, live music, concerts, dances, comedy, exhibitions, workshops, classes, and markets. Its forecourt is the closest thing Stroud has to a Town Square. It is a central open space flanked by shops on three sides and the Sub Rooms itself on the other. It is a public space that plays a vital role in defining the character of the Town. It is a key area for outdoor events for the town and surrounding area as well as an area for recreation and public activism. Alongside the town council and Child Sulzmann architects we've engaged with the town community and stakeholders to develop a concept design. Work continues...

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Stour Valley Park

Roundfield are working as project partners to Landstory on this exciting project. In 2020 the team were commissioned by the Bournemouth Parks Foundation to support the delivery of the Stour Valley Park. The vision is to create a regional park that utilises around 25km of the lower river Stour from the National Trust property at Kingston Lacy right down to the coast. The initial project aims are to improve access for recreation, to enhance the river for wildlife and to tie this into the health and well-being agenda. Work began with a community engagement strategy to ensure that this project is driven and shaped by the people who live and work in the Stour Valley. Strategic development work is ongoing, in close collaboration with local residents and stakeholders. For more information see

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Exeter pioneering blue green communal landscape

Roundfield were appointed by Exeter City Living with a brief to produce an ambitious scheme for a landscape led development of 96 Passivhaus homes in Exeter that incorporates innovation throughout. "In line with the aims of the council the brief is to create a rich, engaging, playful and resilient landscape with intrinsic ecological value that is inclusive for residents of all ages. In a traditional sense it is a garden as an urban sanctuary but also an exemplar of a contemporary approach to sustainability, climate adaptation and wellness." The central courtyard features a pioneering sustainable drainage system. Spatially, it is designed to evoke a feeling of natural enclosure. Taking inspiration from the character of a young pioneer woodland with distinct layers of planting and intimate glade spaces located away from the main pedestrian route. Functionally it is designed as a fully integrated system. This incorporates the planting of fruit, herbs and a...

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Re-imagining the garden city

We were thrilled to be shortlisted for the Re-Imagining the Garden City Design Ideas Competition, launched by the Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation. Our fantastic team included Sarah Wigglesworth Architects and Etude Sustainability Engineers Drawing on Ebenezer Howard’s original vision for Letchworth, our proposal for Letchworth’s new garden city is for a vibrant, economically and environmentally sustainable development which supports and involves a growing community. Our landscape-led masterplan embeds the principles of urban agriculture, landscape maintenance and land management training into the core of the place, celebrating connections to the rural landscape and providing new facilities for the whole town. A Landscape Led Development Key to this masterplan is a strong relationship with the environment. The landscape infrastructure draws on the existing green routes through the site. It extends and connects to the greenway, offering different types of recreational space in Letchworth to attract people from the existing town and surrounding areas. This...

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